#clientlove - a love letter to you

As it has already been almost 4 months since we opened our doors we would love to pass the last months in review…

We would love to dedicate this blog to our dear clients - THANK YOU - for your endless trust, creativity and happiness you have brought to the GINGER|LEMON Hairspace since we have opened in February this year. Some of you were already familiar faces, a lot of you were new ones.

We have been through a lot of vivid times, transitions, colour corrections and make-overs. Here are some of our most favourite looks in the vivid hair category from unicorn or rainbow hair to extreme neons:

However we also love to do natural make-overs and spice the Balayage, Foilayage, Highlights Ombrés and so on up with a little hue of extra colours:

A special thank you is addressed to a very special lady that has been with us since we met during the PulpRiot Roadshow in Vienna in 2018 and hasn’t stopped coming for something new, fresh and exciting regularly ever since:

Thank you Fabs ♡

She is the perfect example of how creative you can be with short hair. We are always looking forward to a new challenge she gives us.
Nothing needs to be left out with a short haircut from mullet to pixie cut, razor fades, hair tattoos, fringe etc.

“The same as usual” is not what you get with us. A visit here is an experience time for time.

We will be uploading a monthly special of our favourite haircuts and colours we did from now on to show you what we have been working on!

Thank you for your support again and can’t wait to see you in our Salon soon

Your GINGER|LEMON Hairspace Team

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